Gullinbursti Boar Pouch – Green, Purple and Gold


A green taffeta pouch with black Gullinbursti print.  Suitable for Tarot Cards (70mm x120mm), Dice, Runes, Jewellery, Gem Stones, as a Spell Bag etc.

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Gullinbursti is a magical boar from Norse Mythology who was created by the two dwarfs Brokkr and Eitri. The name Gullinbursti means Gold Mane or Golden Bristles, given to him as his hair was made of gold.  The god Freyr (or Frey) of the Vanir, often associated with fertility, peace, good weather and good harvest, rode Gullinbursti as his steed.

I hand printed these green taffeta pouches with a hand carved Gullinbursti stamp on my etching press.  I finished the pouches with purple and green poly-satin ribbons, sparkly gold organza ribbon, pearly green and purple plastic beads and metal and green glass bead charms made by myself.  The pouches are finished with black and gold spiral pattern embroidered band and are lined with dark purple taffeta.

They are great for storing all sorts of things, such as: Tarot Cards (the pouch will fit a deck of 70mm x120mm tarot cards), Gem Stones, Rune Stones, Dice, Jewellery etc..

Size: approx. 12cm x 20,5cm

Please be aware that colours may differ slightly due to screen display.
You will only receive the pouch when ordering this; the stones and dice in the photos are not included!



Weight 30 g

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