The Stag’s Head Sticker


A large round sticker of the illustration “The Stag’s Head”, a portrait of a mystical stag featuring the four elements of nature, namely: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

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“The Stag’s Head” is originally a piece of digital art created in 2021 by Imogen Smid. It was inspired by my studio name and my love of nature and symbolism and was specifically designed to use as my artist logo.

Decorate your stationary or household items with this Elemental Stag sticker featuring the digital painting “The Stag’s Head”. The sticker is made with 90gr PVC and is best suitable for indoor use. The sticker is approx. 94mm across, this may may vary 1-2mm.

-Please be aware that this listing is only for one sticker.
-This sticker is wrapped in cellophane to protect it against moisture during travel.
-The card will be sent in a sturdy card envelope or in a card box if sent with other bulkier items.
-This listing is only for the sticker. Folder, other stickers and other photo props are not included.

Extra Description:

Before now, I have always used a red deer for my studio logo. I have become fascinated by the White Stag of Merlin since visiting a small church in the French, Breton Forest of Broceliande which has a stunning mosaic of the Merlin Stag. The local priest decided to incorporate local legends into all the art within the church which I thought was marvellous! Since then I decided to transform my logo into this white stag.

Nestled amongst the antlers of this stag are natural attributes which represent the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. At first I was going to create a dual stag of both my original red deer and the new Merlin’s white hart but as I was sketching it the fire spiralled up all on it’s own and I felt drawn to incorporating the four elements instead. All of the gems of nature I selected are picked for specific reasons but that is quite a bit to type about. Maybe I could write something on them in my future blog.

Take a peek if you can spot all the different elements! Here is a breakdown if you can’t spot them all:
Earth: Oak Leaf, Mistletoe Branch, Poppy Flower and Pixie Parasol Mushrooms (Mycena Interrupta)
Air: The Full Moon and Stars, Peacock Butterflies (open and closed), Bee and Blue Jay Feather
Fire: the central Fire Spiral
Water: Trumpet Shell and New Zealand Paua Shell

Please be aware that actual colours may look different than on your screen display.

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