General Shop Info

In Which country is The Stag’s Head Studio based?

The Stag’s Head Studio is based in The Netherlands.


Please view our Contact Page for all contact information.

Product Types

What is a Mystery Item or Randomised Item?

Mystery Items and Randomised Items are items where there are multiple versions of the item available, but you are not able to pick which version you will receive.  A Mystery Item is related to a series of collectible items which you will receive at random.  A Randomised Item means that there are small variations within the product that you cannot pick from. 

Can I request a specific Mystery item?

No, you cannot request a specific Mystery Item.  If you have ordered a Mystery Item from the same series in the past, you can mention the version you received in the comments section of your order.  If possible, we will avoid sending you a duplicate.

Ordering from outside the Netherlands

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Spain.  If you would like to order from a different country please contact us at info[@]stagsheadstudio.com about the possibilities.

My country is not listed in the countries you ship to.  Am I able to place an order with you?

This may be possible, either via this website or via our Etsy store.  If you would like to know more, please contact us at info[@]stagsheadstudio.com for the possibilities.

Can I purchase your goods from the UK?

Stagsheadstudio.com does not currently ship to the UK due to the fact that we are not signed up to collect UK VAT on behalf of HMRC.  There are some solutions though if you live in the UK and you would like to order from us. 

If you would like to order a value of goods under £135, you can make the purchase via our Etsy Store.  We charge a fee of 8% of the total order to make a purchase via Etsy opposed to via stagsheadstudio.com.  When placing your order via Etsy you will be charged UK VAT by Etsy.  In this case Etsy is responsible for collecting VAT from you on behalf of HMRC.  Stag’s Head Studio will clearly add the VAT information on your package for import purposes. 

If you are a UK business wishing to purchase from stagsheadstudio.com directly, you will be able to do so without ordering via Etsy.  Please contact us about your order wishes, for a postage quote and details on how to order.  To make use of this service you will have to supply us with your UK VAT registration number and the name and address that the number is registered to.  These details will be checked before finalising the order. You as a business customer will be responsible for the applicable UK VAT. 


Can I get a refund on my order or exchange an item?

Please view the Returns Section of our Shop Policies Page for all the information.

Why can I not return earrings?

Earrings fall under the category of intimate items and due to the close proximity use of the item it cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Why can I not return Mystery Items or Randomised Items?

These items are sent at random to you and the version you receive is pot luck.  If we allow returns for these items, you could simply reorder it and it would take away the charm of it being randomised.  Naturally if the item arrives defective or damaged please contact us about returning the item.

Delivery and Customs

What are the Shipping costs at The Stag’s Head Studio?

Please view our Shipping Information Page for all the details.

Can I pick up my order?

Sadly not, there is no shop for you to visit as we are purely an online store.  You are only able to have your order shipped to you.

Can you change the value of my order on the customs form of my package?

No this is not possible.  The Stag’s Head Studio is a registered company and it is illegal for us to declare the value of goods untruthfully.

Can you mark my package as “gift” instead of “sale of goods”?

No this is not possible.  Even if you are purchasing this item as a gift to someone else, we are still selling it to you so it must legally me marked as “Sale of Goods”.

Shop Basket

Can I leave products in my basket to save them for later?

When you put items in your basket, they will stay there for a maximum of 48 hours.  Adding items to your basket does not reserve them though.  So if someone purchases that item before you causing it to go out of stock you will have missed out.  Feel free to contact us about the stock amount or whether a custom version of the item is possible.

If you would like to save the item for longer than 48 hours for future reference, you can create and account and save the item to a wishlist. 


No questions yet.


No questions yet.

Custom Orders

I love this pouch but I would rather have it in a different colour.  Is that possible?

Yes it is possible to create a custom version of a large amount of the pouches sold here.  Send us an email letting us know which pouch you are interested in and what you would like different and we’ll see what we can do.

Other Selling Platforms

I have seen your products sold on a different website.  Are they a legitimate seller?

Handmade products:

Currently my handmade products are only being sold here, on my fantasy and tabletop gaming web-shop Squirrel Hoard and via my Stag’s Head Studio shop on Etsy.  If you find my products on other shops they are most probably scam sites.  If you are concerned about ordering elsewhere, please always contact me first. 

Printed products:

Other than my own printed goods, I also sell print-to-order items via Redbubble, Society6 and DeviantArt.

Tattoo Permission

Can I get a tattoo done of your art?

It is possible to purchase a tattoo license for one-off use of an illustration or print design.  Please contact us about the details.

Squirrel Hoard Shop

What is Squirrel Hoard?

Squirrel Hoard is our second web-shop where we sell fantasy and tabletop gaming accessories. This site is still to be launched and is currently under construction. It will sell dice sets, dice trays, dice bags, board game pawns, fantasy jewellery, embroidery patches and original badges. We plan to extend this to tabletop RPG books and original tabletop gaming stationary products.

I heard you have a fantasy and tabletop gaming web-shop too!  I would love to order from both of your sites, is there a way I can consolidate my order?

Yes I also run a fantasy and tabletop gaming web-shop, Squirrel Hoard. Please contact us to see if this is a possibility info[@]stagsheadstudio.com