Selkie Seal Pouch – White and Navy Blue


A white cotton pouch with navy blue Selkie Seal print.  Suitable for Tarot Cards (70mm x120mm), Dice, Runes, Jewellery, Gem Stones, as a Spell Bag etc.

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Selkies are sea creatures from Scottish mythology, although they also appear in Irish and Welsh mythology. When they are in the water they have the appearance of seals.
Male Selkies cause storms and shipwrecks in revenge for the hunting of seals.
Female selkies can take of their seal skin to walk the earth in human form. But they must always make sure they hide their skin well for if any human man should find it, she would be forced to stay as his wife. On land, female Selkies live sad lives and are forever in search of their skins so that they can return to the sea.
Here I have portrayed the Selkie in it’s full seal form. Is she preparing to remove her skin and walk the Earth? Or has she just found her skin so that she finally return to her watery home?

I hand printed these white cotton pouches with a hand carved Selkie stamp on my etching press.  I finished the pouches with grey, dark and light blue poly-satin ribbon, iridescent blue and pearly silver plastic beads and metal scallop shell charms.  The pouches are lined with dark grey poly-satin.

They are great for storing all sorts of things, such as: Tarot Cards (the pouch will fit a deck of 70mm x120mm tarot cards), Gem Stones, Rune Stones, Dice, Jewellery etc..

Size: approx. 12,5cm x 21cm

Please be aware that colours may differ slightly due to screen display.
You will only receive the pouch when ordering this; the stones and dice in the photos are not included!



Weight 26 g