Sacro Nectare Art Print


An A4 sized art print of “Sacro Nectare”, a digital painting of a druidic sigil celebrating the bees role in nature and the connectivity of the four elements.

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“Sacro Nectare” is originally a piece of digital art created in 2021 by Imogen Smid. It was designed as the sigil of a Druidic Order I created for the character I play in a tabletop role playing game. The Order of Sacro Nectare (Sacred Nectar) is split into two halves: those that tend to the bees of the order and those that tend to the digitalis plants of the order.

The original idea behind the design is the connectivity of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and the honey bee’s place in this.  The element of water has become rather obscured, but I used the wishy-washy blue colouring between the sun beams to represent the moisture coming from the sky to water the plants. The element of air is represented by the bee, the element of fire is represented by the sun and the element of earth is represented by the digitalis plant.  I specifically picked the digitalis flower, or more commonly known as foxglove, as it is one of those two sided plants which can be used for both healing and as a deadly poison.  This was an important element for the background story of the Druid Order Sacro Nectare.

-The print is in portrait format.
-The dimensions of the print are 210 x 297mm (A4)
-The print is hand signed with my monogram on the front.
-The title, artist name, and year are hand written on the back of the print.
-This is an unlimited print and has therefore not been numbered.
-This print comes unframed.
-Please be aware that this listing is only for the print. None of the props used in the photos are included.
-This print is wrapped in cellophane to protect it against moisture during travel.
-The print will be sent in a sturdy card envelope or in a card box if sent with other bulkier items.

Please be aware that actual colours may look different than on your screen display.

Weight 29 g

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