Cernunnos Pouch – Pale Purple and Black with Boxed Bottom


A pale violet purple coloured poly-satin pouch with black Cernunnos print and sewn in boxed bottom.  Suitable for Tarot Cards (70mm x120mm), Dice, Runes, Jewellery, Gem Stones, as a Spell Bag etc.

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This pouch was inspired by the Celtic god Cernunnos. One of the most well-known images of the god was found on the Gundestrup Cauldron (a Gaulish artifact dating from the European Iron Age). He belongs to the group of gods known as Horned Gods.  The Horned God is often also associated as the male counterpart to the Goddess in neo-pagen religions.  More information on this Cernunnos below.

I hand printed these poly-satin pouches with a hand carved Cernunnos stamp on my etching press.  I finished the pouches with black purple and grey white paracord.  These have been finished with Crown and Diamond Knots  The pouches are lined with black cotton.  It has been sewn with a boxed bottom so that it can stand better when containing item such as dice and runes.

They are great for storing all sorts of things, such as: Tarot Cards (the pouch will fit a deck of 70mm x120mm tarot cards), Gem Stones, Rune Stones, Dice, Jewellery etc..

Size: approx. 15cm x 20cm

Please be aware that colours may differ slightly due to screen display.
You will only receive the pouch when ordering this; the stones and dice in the photos are not included!


Traditionally Cernunnos is a fertility, forest and nature god. To me, Cernunnos is very much a representation of two important balances in life: balance between man and woman and balance between human and animal/nature. Traditionally Cernunnos is portrayed holding a torc (round Celtic necklace) in one hand and a snake in the other. Here I have placed the torc to the top of the image and the snake around his neck. These two items associated with Cernunnos can easily be associated with the male and female reproductive organs, showing that the god holds these two things in balance. This also connects to the fact that Cernunnos is a fertility god. The torc being a man-made item and the snake being a creature of nature shows the balance between man and the animal kingdom. This in turn connects to Cernunnos himself being anthropomorphic (part human and part animal) and also his title as “The Lord of the Animals”.


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