Bennu Phoenix Myrrh Pouch – White, Red and Orange


A white cotton pouch with flaming black winged myrrh leaf print.  Suitable for Tarot Cards (70mm x120mm), Dice, Runes, Jewellery, Gem Stones, as a Spell Bag etc.

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The printed for these pouches is of a flaming spiked myrrh leaf with wings and it is inspired by the Egyptian Mythological bird, the Bennu. The Bennu is very similar to the Phoenix bird of Greek mythology but it generally has a more heron like appearance opposed to eagle or peacock.  Like the Phoenix, the Bennu would build a nest or funerary pyre for itself, burst into flame upon it and a new bird would then be reborn from those ashes.  The Egyptian Bennu is said to create an egg of Myrrh to contain its predecessor’s remains.

I hand printed these white cotton pouches with a hand carved winged myrrh leaf stamp on my etching press.  I finished the pouches with red and yellow poly-satin ribbons, orange organza ribbons, pearlesque red plastic beads and iridescent yellow and red plastic beads.  The pouches are lined with orange poly-satin.

They are great for storing all sorts of things, such as: Tarot Cards (the pouch will fit a deck of 70mm x120mm tarot cards), Gem Stones, Rune Stones, Dice, Jewellery etc..

Size: approx. 12,5cm x 21cm

Please be aware that colours may differ slightly due to screen display.
You will only receive the pouch when ordering this; the stones and dice in the photos are not included!



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